An Afternoon with Dr. Jennings

A couple of months back, I strapped one kid to my chest and another into a stroller and huffed and puffed my way over to Providence College to hear a lecture. My courage was sourced from a few different places:  a certain professor’s invite, a hefty bag of bribery snacks, and a need to exercise my brain. Two rowdy little guys with a volume control problem certainly altered the vibe of the room. Finnegan experienced an inexplicable and hilarious fall down a couple of stairs mid-lecture and also yelled “stop clapping!!!” every time, you know, people were clapping. I can’t tell you, at this point, if I spent more time in the lecture hall or going up and down elevators with my boys to prevent meltdowns. I probably spent about four minutes actually listening, with the help of HTC. But I was there! And a warm hug from Dr. Willie Jennings and an excitement for his wisdom made it worth it.

I am reminded of this day because Dr. Jennings recently wrote a wonderful piece on racism, reconciliation, and the recent events in Charleston, which I believe is worth a sobering read from everyone. Be well.

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