A couple of months back (whoops, I’m slow at this) my in-laws + Grandma Cake (Finn’s nickname, not mine) dropped by our side of the country and we made a couple of day trips to show off a bit. One of these days we headed to Mystic, CT, which was pretty cute, but the real standout of that day was when we pulled off at a rest stop and Finnegan put his newly acquired wagon to the test. I have to say, this is the perfect parenting tool for a kid who wants to try everything or be in charge of tasks and a baby who just likes to be on the move. Many days I have put Townes in this wagon and slowly sauntered along as Finnegan pulls him around our neighborhood. So anyway, thanks for the wagon, T and R! You’ve made lazy parenting an attainable goal for me. Anyway, I’ve digressed. Having family in town is definitely the highlight of every person in my house’s year, and this trip was no exception. Plus, these pictures are too ogle-able not to share.

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