My little Killian Townes (or “Town-zeeeeeeeee” according to Finnegan) is a sight to behold. He gets a lot of attention for his beautiful face, especially his eyes, and mistaken for a girl about a third of the time. Since I last updated, he has gone from a helpless lump to a screeching, crawling machine. He is an unstoppable force of curiosity and laughter. If I could completely baby proof my house, I’m pretty sure I could leave him home alone for hours at a time because he’s so content to wander from room to room just checking stuff out on his own. He happily plays in his crib until he falls asleep and then he jumps, cruises, and jabbers on to himself, totally happy to give me a couple of extra minutes of sleep. However, the number of times I wake up with him between bedtime and morning, I don’t want to talk about… Anyway.

He’s been crawling for about five weeks, has two teeth with four right on the verge of poking through. He is patient at all times, except when he’s eating. At the dinner table, he is flapping his arms and screeching in between bites. You really can’t feed him fast enough, according to him. The only thing I’ve ever offered him that he didn’t like was yogurt. He’s on the quiet side most of the time, but once he gets going, he speaks at the loudest volume I’ve ever heard from a kid his age. He squeaks a “dada” out here and there, but that’s about it. I’ve got an inclination that he’ll be walking before his first birthday. He has a painfully adorable shyness that comes out when you give him a big smile or a stranger says hi. He buries his face in his hands, looking down smiling. It is enough to send even the coldest of hearts into a blubbering mess, I guarantee you. His brother is his world, and when Finnegan’s got the patience and gentleness to be left alone to play, they have such a great time together. Many, many times I have caught myself hiding behind a corner, staring with heart eyes at my two little loves playing together for longer than I’d like to admit. As special as the times are that our family gets to spend all together, I so enjoy the rare occasions when Townes and I get to enjoy each other alone. Mmmm, this boy.

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