At nearly three, Finnegan’s main interests surround emergency response vehicles and public transportation, but he’s quite interested in farming, dinosaurs, and cooking as well. He loves to be helpful. He loves to comfort Townes when he is sad and takes a lot of pride in the times when he can make him laugh. He likes to draw the eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and hair on a face. He never really hit the “why” stage, but instead is constantly asking questions about how things work or where things came from (“Where came that from?”). Whenever he sees someone fall at the playground, he runs over to give them a hand up and ask if they are ok. He loves to facilitate sharing, as long as two toys are involved to trade back and forth. He loves big kids. He thinks that every meal is called lunch. He always tells people he is either three or five and makes sure everyone knows that he is a “big boy” and that Townes is a baby. He always wants you to try foods he thinks you’ll like. He’s always telling me “that’s a great idea, Mama!!!” He can accurately give directions home from a lot of different places. He has a bad habit of roaring at people (friends and strangers alike) when he doesn’t get his way or he is scared. He will openly admit when he feels shy and needs some space. He has started to play preschool soccer at the YMCA and has a love/hate relationship with Coach. He is still very much affected by textures and begs me to ask him questions over and over that he knows he can answer correctly. His favorite foods are cheese-related (atta boy…) and he still hasn’t figured out his balance bike. He has just started to enjoy playing games where we are all pretending to be different things (today: cows).

He is a wonderful companion. My best days are spent doing the mundane with him at my side.

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