A few weeks ago, I lugged my kids out to San Diego to visit my parents as my mom had her second round of chemo. It was a really lovely trip. Warmer temperatures and less responsibility just gives you a new perspective on life, am I right? We spent every minute that we could outside laying in grass, eating beautiful fresh fruit, drinking smoothies, eating burritos, and visiting all of our favorite San Diego spots. At this point, I would like to overwhelm you with photos.

2015-02-24 06.25.57-1
Here I am at about 6am, face full of fear as I prepare to board a plan with my two small children solo.

2015-02-24 08.05.03
Surprise! The flight was uneventful and pretty much looked like this the whole time.

2015-02-26 15.57.27
Jet lag with little kids is the worst. Didn’t really hate this cuddling though.






IMG_9712 copy

Just a reminder to myself that I’m an idiot because I moved from here to here.


IMG_9768 copy

IMG_9730 copy


FaceTiming with Papa from the beach.

2015-02-27 17.36.34-1
We visited Pop at work, thus fulfilling one of Finnegan’s bucket list goals of driving a cop car.

2015-02-27 19.23.07
If you don’t know that I love this kind of crap then you don’t really even know me.

2015-03-10 10.26.25

2015-03-10 10.24.29-1
My people!!

2015-03-10 10.25.28
Face of Fear pt. II as we boarded a flight that went right through all of our naps times. Blerg.

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