As you might have heard by now, the Northeast has been absolutely slammed with snow this winter. As someone who grew up in San Diego, doesn’t own snow boots, and has no experience driving in snow, it has been quite exciting. I thought I would be more annoyed by now, but what it has meant for us is a lot of cancelled school, days spent working from home, and lots and lots of homemade hot chocolate. I can get behind that. We are, however, running out of indoor activities to do. Luckily for us, my mother-in-law (whom Finn has affectionately named Haha) is in town keeping the adults alive and the kids sane. Finnegan has spent many afternoons over the past two weeks shoveling snow off of our porch with a small sandbox shovel with the supervision of our visitor. He has also taken in upon himself to keep our car scraped, and only required payment in Joe-Joes. Not too bad.


Something about being home all the time makes it impossible to keep the house clean. I hope, or rather assume, that this is a familiar sight around here.


We’ve spent a lot of time painting and mailing the finished products to family as well as making quite a range of banana breads and eating them in one sitting. My kitchen help is… okay. Wish us luck. We’ve got another storm headed our way on Thursday.


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