HAPPY 2015!

Our dear friends JN and CN have been back in town for the past couple of days and spent New Years Eve with us, and we couldn’t have enjoyed it more. These people move our speed:  homebodies that love beer-drinking, food-cooking, and movie-watching. And they love our kids so much but I think our kids might love them back even more. Now, when it comes to the actual ball drop, I spent the last fifteen minutes of 2014 and the first fifteen minutes of 2015 rocking a crying, wriggling, uncomfortable little baby with a stuffy nose. I counted down to the new year silently and continued to sooth him to sleep. J was one room over, trying to console poor F from his second night terror of the night. J peeked his head into the dark room where I paced back and forth and asked for a kiss. My head was wading through thoughts of the year gone but mostly on the year to come. Would we be healthy? Would Townes take his first steps? Maybe Finnegan will start preschool. Will we be able to enjoy the company of our family, who we miss so much? Welcome, 2015.

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  1. Omgoodness! Can i just say how obsessed I am with your little men and their names! Adorable!


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