I have to keep reminding myself that this was just day one of twelve days of Christmas (my previous church affiliations have left me liturgical calendar challenged). A great day was had by all, even though three out of four of the members of my family cried at some point during the day. I won’t tell you which adult, but will say it is the one that tends to put too much pressure on making big and exciting family experiences “perfect.” (Sounds like, Justin… riiiiight?) Finnegan was in a state of utter shock when he walked out and saw the presents under the tree. His jaw dropped and a silent awe fell upon him. And yet, I think I might have been more excited for him than he was for himself. It is a miracle we didn’t give him all of his gifts ahead of time, as both Justin and I are inclined to do. Townes was a doll and sat with us for some of the morning but mostly snoozed away in his room. The afternoon was spent with Townes’ godparents and their very gracious family, where we rattled their house with never-ending Townes screams and a rambunctious and nap-less toddler. We felt so welcomed, and it eased the pain of being away from our families for this holiday for the first time ever.

I hate feeling this way, but I am so grateful that this time is behind us. The end of the year is busy for me at work, busy for Justin at school, and busy in terms of coordinating gifts and meaningful Christmastime events for the family. I still haven’t mailed some of the Christmas gifts I bought over a month ago. Finnegan ripped all of the (addressed!) envelopes off of our Christmas cards and I can’t bring myself to buy more and attempt to send them again — late. I didn’t go to sleep before 1:30am for about two weeks straight. I guess you could say I overlooked the purpose of this liturgical season once again. Ugh. Maybe next year. We really need to find a better way to do this. How do you take the time to enjoy and reflect on this time of year?

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