Thanksgiving… a holiday to signify gratefulness by overeating. It’s confusing, but I still love it. We prepared in advance by doing our grocery shopping at 10 the night before and starting our cooking the day of. Somehow the day worked out great, though (probably helps that we don’t do turkey). Parade-watching on TV, Mariah Carey Christmas album, friends over to share in our huge meal, dessert with even more friends, gentle snowfall, Home Alone, popcorn, tea, radiators blazing. For my fellow food nerds (looking at you, Christina), here is the portion of the meal I prepared:  whipped sweet potatoes with coconut milk and vanilla bean, sage and onion bread dressing, green bean casserole, J’s mashed potatoes (no recipe could truly capture the genius of these potatoes), and pear, cranberry, and gingersnap crumble.

P.S. Family pictures are hard.

P.P.S. Only two more days until we buy our Christmas tree. J, being the good person that he is, is making us wait until the start of Advent. The waiting is so hard for my very impatient self.

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