A few weeks back when my number one favorite human was in town (that is to say, my sister-in-law MLE), we were desperate for an adventure that involved a relatively short drive, the ability to take in the fall leaves, an overload of road snacks, and a day that left us better acquainted with New England. Not to mention I’ll take any opportunity to talk non-stop to the only person I really want and can talk non-stop to. After nearly no planning whatsoever, we found ourselves in Concord, Massachusetts, where I experienced what I will possibly remember as one of the best things ever (I sort of wish I was exaggerating, but…). I toured The Orchard House!!! Oh, I’m sorry, not familiar? It just happens to be the home of Louisa Mae Alcott and also where the inspiration for Little Women took place. You probably don’t know me at all if you don’t know that I am completely obsessed with the story. I lived out my dreams, friends.

The rest of the day was spent lugging a baby-carrying carseat around a gorgeous flower field, deciding not to pay for any other tours because we’re too cheap (sorry, Emerson), paging through books in a gift shop filled with old people while my baby took an enormous poop that echoed through the entire historical house, and hiking around Walden Pond. Yes, Walden Pond! Anyway, thanks for the day. Love you, Liss!

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  1. how did I miss this post?? I keep looking at pictures from that day and dying all over again. Also, you forgot to mention Thoreau’s shoddy craftsmanship!


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