Introducing my babies to each other was an experience that exceeded my expectations. Finnegan took to Townes instantly, for reasons that I don’t really understand. While I was pregnant, he never seemed to understand, even in the slightest, that we would soon be bringing a baby home, and he had never shown a lot of interest in babies in general. But when we came home from the hospital (and Finnegan came home from his daily trip to the park with Grandpa), he burst through the door, hesitantly touched Townes’ foot. Smothering him in kisses, Finn begged me to let him hold Townes, and said a lot of “aww, cute,” which I had never even heard Finn say before. Somehow, he knew that this kid was different.

The last few weeks since their introduction have been pretty incredible (among other things…). Although their relationship is currently completely one-sided, Finnegan is smitten. He’ll take a break from even his most favorite of activities (all things car-related) to run across the room, smother—and I mean smother—Townes’ head in kisses, shake his hand (“Nice to meet you, baby!”), and cuddle up to him (he even “aww!”‘s himself at this point). Fingers crossed that this is a sign of good things to come.




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  1. I love you I love I love you I love you baby


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