2013-11-10 20.10.26 from Megan Coyle on Vimeo.

PLAY Space Team. Ok, this is pretty embarrassing but… has this ever happened to you? This video is from when my SIL/BIL + friend Joel came to visit a few weeks back. We got completely obsessed with this game that made me equally frantic/angry and totally embarrassed. The game requires you to yell out in a very serious tone these completely insane demands that make me break down laugh-crying. As you can see, we had to pull out phone chargers in order to keep the game going because yes, we played for that long.

PREPARE I made this simple recipe twice in a week. This hardly even counts as cooking and it is super healthy. Harissa Roasted Vegetable Bowl via A House In The Hills.

READ Do you read Rookie? It is an online mag founded by Tavi (whom I adore for reasons that I may fangirl about later) that is geared towards teen girls that is incredible. I mean truly life-changing-for-this-25-y.o. incredible. I wish so desperately that I had this community available to me as a teen. Anyway, this article, for example, on family dynamics was so so helpful.

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