2013-08-23 16.37.33-1

Things are going alright for this family of three these days. We’re between visits from some very loved people right now. Justin spends most of his time working in the library. Finnegan is doing this awesome thing where he’ll play in his crib until he’s tired and then lie down for a nap (also lots of dancing). I’m watching Mad Men and reading Flannery O’Connor, going on lots of walks, and catching up on an incredible amount of bookkeeping work that was lost in a tragic Dropbox disaster. As J is approaching the final semester of his graduate program our heads are filled with worries and ideas about our next step in life. Being closer to family sounds really nice. Taking a step back and just living like a “normal” family sounds like such a relief sometimes. Getting into a PhD program would be an absolute dream, but could we withstand the incredible stress of long hours, late nights, horrible and demanding expectations? It is a lot to mull over.

2013-08-23 16.45.58-2

2013-08-23 16.46.34-1

I love this picture when contrasted with the one that was taken when we were engaged. One thousand tears.


All photography by Kate at Pressed + Brewed except for the engagement photo, taken by Jered at Several Guys.


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  1. I haven't mentioned it before but I'm loving your hands holding Finn's leg in the banner picture. Very motherly. Don't know why it's speaking to me today


  2. oh my heart! this is so beautiful. you guys are so beautiful. that picture of you and justin at the top just makes me so happy. and finn… nothing like a good nose cleanse. ; )


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