The past few weeks have been a flurry of comings and goings. We have had more visitors than in our entire time in Durham, and things aren’t letting up any time soon! We have two more rounds of visitors before the year’s end.

First we had CDA, a dear, dear friend of mine from college. He taught me things then that I still can’t shake. He’s teaching me things now that keep me awake at night. His few days here can’t be described as anything less than absolutely joyful. We also had a quick visit from GMS + his friend Erika (if you’re into old-timey busking types, check out their music here and here!!). Greg is someone I respect, love, adore. When I hear word that he’s catching the next train headed our way, I start keeping the front door unlocked, hoping that the next time I come home I will find him sitting on our couch. Lastly, we had a quick visit from CBK, a beautiful, old friend of mine from high school. There is something so right about reconnecting for a weekend, watching movies that 99% of the population will hate, eating 100+ grams of sugar per day, and reminiscing about how weird it is to be sixteen that is just so right. Plus we made flower crowns. I am so honored to know and be loved by such incredible people that want to share life with me. OK I’m going to stop tearing up now.






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