Past the one year mark, I felt a little silly writing a monthly update on Finnegan. That would reach a level of personal self-indulgence that should never be permanently documented via the internet. Instead, I think I’ll check in every once in a while and let you know what he is up to.

At fourteen months, I think I may have a little boy. Everyday I look for little glimpses of babyhood, but now these moments are few and far between. In ways, I miss those times (and in lots of other ways, I don’t), but right now is just so fun. I love to lay on the floor of Finnegan’s room and watch him putt around, from one activity to the next. Studying textures, pairing up shapes, experimenting with the sound two toys make when smashed together. Watching this little person reason and make decisions. I am not being overly dramatic when I say that it is an absolute privilege. It is a little silly to say, but I am just so happy that he wants to spend time with me. Me. I feel so lucky. I can’t help but smile and feel the deepest gratitude.

We spend a lot of time pretending that absolutely everything is a phone, be it a piece of food, a washcloth, any/all toys. He is so fiercely independent–when we got on walks (wait, he walks, did you miss that??), he will not hold my hand unless it is to help him with a step up or down. He wants to explore at his own pace and I’m mostly happy to let him do that. We’ve taken to an evening walk around the block that may be my favorite time of day. Other fun little bits and pieces are how Finn always tries to squeeze my keys through the crack in the front door, and how he won’t kiss anyone but his BFF baby friend MMM. I mean, he is obsessed with kissing her. He has also taken to wrapping his arms around my leg and sticking close when he’s getting more attention from a stranger than he is used to. In these moments, I am beaming.



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  1. đŸ™‚ I was hoping there would be a candid MMM/FFC smooch picture on here đŸ™‚


  2. cutest family on the face of the planet. period.


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