// This is part one in a series I have planned entitled CULT LEADERS, in which I will feature women who inspire me. I look forward to sharing with you women from which we have lots to learn. Keep your eyes peeled. I am ecstatic to show off some really incredible people! //

2013-08-17 08.31.56
Fern Louise, what a beauty.

I am fortunate to have some really wonderful women in my life. One that especially stands out is my grandmother Fern. When we are together, I try desperately to soak up as much of her as I can, so as to hopefully become like her in as many ways as possible. At every turn, she is inspiring.

My grandmother is a beautiful mixture of completely silly, incredibly practical, and unbelievably wise. She is always a listening ear when I need one. She carefully chooses her words and scatters my name throughout our conversation, making me feel as though she hasn’t a care in the world but me in that moment. She grabs my hand at just the right time. She knows the questions to ask and the questions that will be hard for me to answer. She is kind and full of sweetness, and yet has this way about her that allows her to be completely honest and charitable all at once. She has always made me feel respected. She handles life with a powerful blend of determination, bravery, and meekness. It is really something to behold. She has lived a life that I never tire of hearing stories about.

While talking this summer she gave me some incredible advice (like usual). It is a phrase that I can’t get out of my head. How she knew that it was exactly what I needed to hear, I will never know. “Find yourself in hard times, don’t lose yourself.” This past year I have been, well, honestly, an absolute brat about where I’m at in life. It has been emotionally and physically draining for me to look around and find so much displeasure and it has been hard on my husband, who is pouring himself into an incredibly challenging graduate program. I can’t imagine what it has done to Finnegan, but I’m sure that we can easily draw that out when he ends up in therapy later… ha.

Anyway, Grandma, you are a remarkable woman. Your determination is beautiful, your prayers are oh so coveted, and you are an example to all. Thank you for being an absolute joy to go through life with.

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  1. A clear cut winner… Grandma Fern is an incredible, funny, wise and caring woman.


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