2013-08-15 23.08.58

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”
― John Muir

Little ol’ Warren, Idaho. Now that place is a sight for sore eyes. Warren is a little… well, town isn’t the right word. It is a collection of abodes several miles down the road from my grandparents’ place. To just give you a little taste: there is a very questionable school building with a backwards “N”, a tiny, bathroom-sized post office, a closed down restaurant, and a bed and breakfast that has been for sale for about fifteen years. This place is the perfect setting for a horror movie. In all of the trips I’ve made out there, I think I’ve only ever seen actual people there three times. And yet, there are people that live there year round. That takes a very special kind of person. I snapped lots of photos of the various buildings around Warren and thought they made a wonderful little photo series. I’ve decided to share with you my favorites.

2013-08-15 23.20.44

2013-08-15 23.10.16

2013-08-15 23.11.15

2013-08-15 23.20.06

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