2013-08-04 03.55.05

August 15, 2013. The end of an era — the end of infancy and the start of toddlerhood. I find myself a little sad about this change, only because I can’t imagine enjoying my time with Finn more, but I know that is silly. With toddlerhood comes words and imagination. We will welcome walking and running, bike riding, story telling, game playing, picture drawing, kiss giving. I’m excited for Finn to gain a bit of independence and show me more of who he is. I’m excited to hear him describe the world in which he so enjoys.
In Finnegan’s twelfth month, he learned how to climb stairs and safely scoot off the couch, feet first. He welcomed two more teeth and now has quite a display of tight red curls on the back of his head. He can manage a fork and spoon pretty well and begs to drink out of mama’s cup. He finally decided to revisit the word “mama” and continues to give us plenty of “dada” as well. No formal first word yet, however. He takes to using a very whiny voice to let me know that he “needs” something which is such a joy… (remind me to push baby sign the next time around!) He is quite comfortable on his feet and basically runs around the apartment with the help of his walker. He developed a fierce love for older kids. If one is around, he has to be with them, held by them, sharing toys with them — interacting in any way he knows how. He developed an affinity for instigating peekaboo and thinks it quite funny when he “hides” behind even the skinniest of posts and turns his entire upper body to a 90 degree angle and peek around to surprise whomever might be around. He’s excited to push around anything on wheels and enjoys a good round of clapping.

2013-08-04 03.39.33

2013-08-04 03.39.25

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2013-08-04 03.39.22

Finnegan is sweet as pie, wildly curious, impossibly strong bodied and willed. He has changed who I am in ways that I didn’t even know were malleable. I am constantly challenged by him to be my best and then some. Finnegan, you are my treasure. My lips are never without a thank you to God for sending you my way. You are a beautiful, wonderful person. I could not be more proud to be your mama.

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