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Just today, after an unusual silence coming from FFC’s room, I tiptoed down the hall to peek in at what he was doing. Much to my surprise, I peered around the corner only to see him sitting in the (adult-sized) chair in his room, smiling and leaning back resting his head. Over the past few weeks, he has been trying his hand at scaling things — chairs and the couch mostly — which has made me quite fearful that I can’t really let him play in a room by himself, as gravity hasn’t revealed itself to him yet. However, on this occasion, he very happily and proudly sat on his chair, safe as can be. I stared at him for a few moments, trying to contain my laughter. As I looked on, I couldn’t help but think about just how big he is, how independent and capable, and how happy. When my laughter could be contained no more, I joined him in his room and passed him a few books. He enjoyed them, as usual, by turning the pages one after the other as quickly as he could. Then he leaned over to me, I scooped him up, and covered his face with kisses for probably the 64th time today.

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Over the past two months, Finnegan’s two front teeth finally reared their painful heads. They’re mostly out now and appear to have a very cute gap (fingers crossed). His hair is growing like a weed, with sweet wispy curls in the back and a very model-esque, wavy, tousled look upfront. He is getting taller and leaner, with thinning legs and a boyish face. Still holding on to that perfectly plump belly though. He gives slobbery, open-mouthed kisses. He also loves to share his paci with you when asked, and will even take a Cheerio from his mouth and (try) to put it in yours. So generous. His favorite foods are tofu, tomatoes, and any/all beans. Sometime over the past two months he also slept! through! the! night! I woke up one morning a little after six to complete silence. I laid there, wide awake, refreshed and excited. Although every night isn’t as great as that first one, he is really sleeping like a champ. He is seriously considering walking in the very near future, all the while exploring the apartment pushing around his little crocodile walker. His sense of humor also took an interesting turn:  the most hilarious thing in Finnegan’s little world is the sound of a cartoon witch’s voice. Yep, gets a huge laugh every single time.

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  1. He is just adorable! Such a lucky Mommy and Daddy!


  2. I love you Finnegan Francis


  3. “seriously considering walking in the near future” –so funny!


  4. Thank you! I'd have to agree — we really lucked out!


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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