“Is this normal?”

That is the question I set out to ask my doctor today. I made the appointment, citing my reason being that I had a few postpartum questions. Really I only had one and it had nothing to do with my health and everything to do with the humongous crater below my belly button. I thought that there was no way this could be normal and because I like to take the martyr route as often as possible, I was hoping to find out that I just had a case of really bad luck with my post baby body.

The doctor did not feed into that desire at all. “Make sure you moisturize those stretchmarks a lot! They will start to look better… it just takes a couple of years.” When the doctor alluded to plastic surgery after I was done having kids, I knew I was doomed. I could never have plastic surgery (!!!) in light of all of the body positive preaching I try to do. Time to get used to it, I guess.

Step number one was going to the pool in my pre baby bikini in which my weirdo stomach and stretchmarks are probably completely overlooked because of how ill fitting my suit is now.

But back to my question: “Is this normal?” I truly had no idea, because (as I’ve mentioned before) I can’t think of a single person that I’ve ever seen with stretchmarks, post baby or otherwise. Either I’m an extremely detail disoriented person (I’m not) or all y’all are doing a great job of keeping those hidden away (you are). Well, just tonight I was inspired by this photo series by Jade Beall, “A Beautiful Body” and plan on flaunting my mother-beast super body all summer long (and please, please, PLEASE flaunt what you’ve got too!). A little context goes a long way, and when you realize that you have plenty of allies working with the same stuff you are, you start to feel totally awesome.

Photo Credit:  Jade Beall


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  1. This is GREAT!! I'm all about supporting a womanly, motherly, beautiful body!! “Bring Out Your Post-baby Bodies”!!


  2. Um, yeah…just yesterday I was playing with the skin below my belly button, weirded out by how it crinkles up like old lady skin. But I would totally join you poolside in a bikini–let's make a date.


  3. Those stretch marks do fade! And amazingly, you don't care so much after awhile either. I bought a bikini and forced myself to wear it last summer, too. We are way harsher on ourselves than anyone else is, that's probably why you've never noticed anyone's stretch marks before!


  4. Normal and utterly beautiful!


  5. Glad to have your support! So nice to hear from other women who don't hate themselves for their mama bodies.


  6. You are so encouraging. I think I'm in the same boat as you with the bikini. Time to buy a new one that fits and continue enjoying my life 😉 and I COMPLETELY agree that we are hardest on ourselves! Such a hard habit to kick but I'm working on it!


  7. So you've got elbow skin on your stomach too? Ha. You + me + pool. Sounds wonderful.


  8. Yaaaaaaaaaay, Laura! I love this. Supportiveness of other women somehow seems to flow from you and I don't even think this is a topic we've ever talked about before. Amazing.


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