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Well, some more months have passed since my original installment and I am chalk full of new ideas for ways you can care for the new mamas in your life. I got to thinking about this, seeing as so many ladies in my life are pregnant or hoping to be soon!

1. Buy her a Netflix subscription. I’m pretty sure that 93% of Americans have a subscription already, but on the off chance that your friend does not, this would make a really wonderful gift. When you can’t do much and you’re awake most of the time, you might as well watch a ton of TV. (Wait, what?)

2. Buy her fancy pajamas. A couple of months after Finnegan was born, I bought myself a couple of pairs of pajamas that I felt really good about wearing and being seen in. Prior to this purchase, I was mostly a big t-shirt and underwear kinda girl, but when you’re home a lot and want to be comfortable and not feel like a total slob, the fancy pajamas have a way of making you feel more human and less sloppy human pacifier. Keep in mind the needs of a nursing mama when making your purchase. I’m thinking something like this or this or this.

3. Ask to see pictures of her new baby, like, as often as possible. Nothing makes me happier than to scroll through the hundreds of pictures of Finnegan on my phone for any person with a pulse. But I don’t ever jump into this unless someone asks (and then they never do again) because it just feels so pushy and self-involved. I usually assume that people don’t really care to see the pictures and are just trying to be nice, which actually means a lot.

4. If you live in a different city, pay for a meal and have it delivered. I live across the country from many of my friends and this seems to be an easy way to lighten the load of new parenthood.

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