2013-05-15 17.46.40

2013-05-14 04.22.22

Finnegan is nine months old. Of course I can’t help but compare the past nine months to the nine that preceded them. I can say for sure that these months feel MUCH longer. I think it’s because slowly but surely my life pre-motherhood is becoming a distant, muddled memory. That sounds really sad, and that’s because it kind of is. BUT, this is my life now and love makes up for a lot.

Anyway, this month brought on a second vampire tooth bringing Finnegan to a grand total of four teeth. He is also a total pro at crawling to sitting, sitting to crawling, standing to laying down (this one is HUGE for sleep!!). He is climbing into a standing position, letting go, and balancing on his very own two feet for a little bit! He talks on and on, using a whole range of voices and sounds. He even squeaked out a few unspecific “mama”‘s which completely melts my heart. He has also taken to getting a tad more cuddly since he switched to sleeping on his stomach. He is mostly able to get himself to sleep for naps and bedtime, but struggles quite a bit when he wakes up at night. Work in progress! But he’s doing great.

2013-05-16 23.20.45

2013-05-16 23.22.25

2013-05-16 23.20.38

2013-05-16 23.23.50

2013-05-16 23.18.09

2013-05-16 23.24.19

2013-05-16 23.24.34

2013-05-16 23.20.36


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  1. I've never seen teeth come in like this!! It's amazing!!


  2. I am loving these vampire teeth!!! Happy 9 months Finnigan!


  3. right??? it makes me so happy.


  4. thank you, thank you!


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