2013-05-04 21.22.25
If I’m looking at this picture I’m crying.

I’m going to keep this brief because I can’t write seriously and I don’t want to make light of a really solemn  beautiful, and hope-filled day. On May 5, Finnegan was baptized. He was fortunate enough to be surrounded, celebrated, and supported but all four of his grandparents and lots and lots of really lovely friends. His godparents, TM and BM, are two of the most incredible parents I have the privilege of knowing. I couldn’t have been happier when they agreed to take on the responsibility. It was a completely incredible day. Following mass, we all headed to our house to eat BBQ (+ margaritas, Cinco de Mayo, y’all) and play with babies.

2013-05-04 22.14.28

2013-05-04 22.08.30
My mother made this perfect little number. I mean it–PERFECT.

2013-05-05 00.33.40
This might look sacrilegious but I think that is the highest form of reverence Finnegan’s got. Quickly got super Catholic up in here.

2013-05-05 04.11.15

2013-05-05 03.06.53-2
Only Child Syndrome goin’ on with Finnegan here — J, I hope you hear my hint loud and clear.

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