2013-05-06 21.33.00

After Finnegan’s baptism, JSC’s parents stuck around and took us on a little trip down to Charleston. (Yes, two weeks, two separate vacations — are you keeping up?) It was really nice to get some time in with them and LEAVE FINNEGAN WITH THEM OVERNIGHT. I mean, there is no more important detail to this story, other than every person in the world should probably make a pilgrimage to Hominy Grill at least once in his or her lifetime. Other highlights:  pudding for breakfast, alligator salad, alligator sightings, the most beautiful setting for a hotel ever, and moonshine. Thanks for the trip, in laws!

2013-05-07 04.07.52

2013-05-06 23.25.37

2013-05-06 22.22.09

2013-05-06 22.48.15

2013-05-06 23.19.58

2013-05-07 02.04.42

2013-05-07 03.44.51

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