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Finn’s two most major accomplishments occurred on the same day of this month:  he literally started crawling during Good Friday mass and he also somehow managed to unbutton his onsie, remove his diaper, and pee everywhere when he was supposed to be sleeping.

As I mentioned before, Finn is crawling!!!! Within the past two weeks, he came to realize the functionality of such a movement. When he isn’t darting across the room to pick up some nearly invisible speck of something that shouldn’t go in anyone’s mouth, ever, he is following me around the apartment and climbing as high as he possibly can to look at what I’m doing. He can scale anything vertical:  dining table chairs, couches, tables, sliding glass door, crib, dishwasher, dryer door, speaker, changing table — he’s all over it. All. Over. It. It is pretty incredible how quickly he can get in to things. Lucky for me, he is also totally excited to hang out in his crib or exersaucer for up to an hour and entertain himself.

Month eight also brought us a tooth. A snaggle tooth to be exact. Most babies get teeth in this order:  middle bottom two, middle top two, side top two, side bottom two. (That is horribly nondescript but you get it?) This guy got a random top side tooth before aaaanything else on top. He has five other teeth visible in his gums hanging out up there, but this weirdo one showed up first and has pushed its way through the gums rather quickly — you can see it all by itself when Finnegan smiles. WEIRDO.
Finn is also in the process of perfecting his little pincer grasp, which means he has finally achieved his lifelong goal of feeding himself. Its completely adorable to watch. He grabs a bit of food with a completely open hand, then turns his hand over, uncurls his tight fingers, and uses the other hand to pluck the food from fist to mouth. So much work and coordination for just a bite. He’s eating all kinds of things now which has been really fun. Least favorite food:  apricots and goat’s milk yogurt. Sorry, bro.
Finn is also in the process of (ahem) learning to sooth himself to sleep. This mama reached a point she never knew she could reach, and this training hasn’t been super fun, but I have had an incredible cheerleader/coach/friend give me play-by-play instructions, which has kept me sane and helped me get a bit more sleep! Finn will lay down in his crib at bedtime, get comfortable, and drift off to sleep on his very own. Naps are another story, but it is a work in progress!

Other little things I want to remember from this month:  how he exclusively uses his middle finger for jobs in which every other person in the world uses their pointer finger, how his favorite “word” to say is “abueeeeeeeegggggg…”, and how someone asked me if we named him after Fin from Law & Order: SVU. (I said yes.)

2013-04-19 22.52.24-2

2013-04-19 22.52.38

2013-04-19 22.54.27

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