2013-02-12 03.25.34

2013-02-13 04.26.04
Finn got his first Valentine’s Day card from his sweet Great Grandma Fern.

2013-02-13 04.27.53
Unfortunately for me, she asked Finn to be her valentine before I did. He accepted. Better luck for me next year?

Valentine’s Day is inexplicably one of my very favorite holidays. I love an excuse to be sappy sweet to Mr. J. Bones, I love the red and pink and hearts thing it has going on, I love an excuse to bake something delicious, I love eating tons of candy, etc. Now that that slightly embarrassing admission is out of the way, I’ll get to my point. I have curated a little tradition:  every Valentine’s Day I bake Justin cinnamon rolls to prove my undying love, and this year was no exception. I whipped up a batch of Smitten Kitchen’s Cinnamon Swirl Buns (they did not disappoint!) and had them waiting for Justin when he got home from school yesterday (we had to celebrate a bit early because of the unfortunate Lent/Valentine’s overlap this year).

This whole thing got me thinking.  Something that stuck out to me as “not ready for a family” was this feeling that I wanted to uphold some really meaningful traditions for us but I wasn’t yet sure what those would be. Now that Finn is around, I keep telling myself that I need to develop some before he starts to form memories.

So I come to you for help, dear, sweet readers:  What traditions do you uphold with your family? Which ones were meaningful to you growing up?  What do you plan on doing with your future family?

P.S. Happy Galentine’s Day, girlfriends. I’m about two steps away from getting this crazy.

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