I find myself constantly whispering in Finn’s ear “Mama loves you, do you know that? Oh, I hope you know how much I love you.”  I nearly die every time he smiles when I walk into the room when he wakes from a nap.  Or how he looks at me when he does something that he’s proud of.  Or when her buries his face in my shoulder for a little rest.  Or grabs my face, pulls it close and tries (ok, yeah sometimes I let him) to latch on to my nose or slobber on my cheek.  Finnegan Francis, Mama loves you.  So, so, so much.  I know you can’t quite understand those words yet, but please soak them up with your ears and eyes, when you feel my kisses and tickles, when I rub your back or lay with you on the floor, or we snuggle before you lie down for bed at night.  I love you when your little body wiggles out a dance, or even when you reach down and grab your poop covered butt when I change your diaper.  Finnegan Francis, Mama loves you when you won’t nurse because you can’t stop smiling at me and also when you scream and cry because your mouth hurts, or maybe it’s your eye that itches, or you don’t like the way the chair looks across the room.  I love your sweet breath and your gravelly little voice and your red mullet and your perfect little chin and your beautiful lips and your chubby toes that look so much like mine.  Mama loves you.  Mama loves you.  Sweet, magical boy, Mama loves you.

Photo Credit:  Katie Flower


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  1. this…….is wonderful! grace


  2. Best blog entry yet!


  3. Thank you, Madame or Sir Anonymous!


  4. Thanks, Grace! I can't imagine what it must feel like to love the number of kids you do… pretty incredible.


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