2012-12-25 02.58.16

2012-12-29 06.26.09-2

2012-12-29 06.08.44
Ferny Lou, best grandmother that ever was.

2012-12-29 06.23.15

2012-12-29 05.44.32
Finn and my mother checking out the travel organizer that I sewed up especially for our trip out here.

2012-12-29 06.14.25
It is nearly impossible to find a picture of me and my boy.

Christmas Day for our little family of three started at church, and then we headed over to the house where I grew up and had a wonderful breakfast with my parents and little brother and then exchanged gifts.  It was a wonderfully sweet morning.  Over the next couple of days, Finn’s great grandparents all rolled into town to become acquainted with this sweet little cherub.  It was so great to see him smothered in kisses and love by such wonderful people.

The best Christmas miracle of all, however, was that all in one day, Finn decided to hold himself up on his hands, roll front to back and back to front, and even exhibit some almost crawling-like little wiggles.  This kid went from completely helpless to sorta kinda mobile all in one day.  It is so exciting to watch him figure each of these milestones out.  I am so proud.  And so glad that my whole family got to watch this on hold while we’re on their side of the country.

P.S.  Here is the tutorial for the travel organizer that I made.  I am completely in love with it.  It made keeping all of our boarding information and important documents organized in a sea of chaos that is traveling with a baby.

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