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  1. Sweet little honey pie Finn has really started to show some interaction and personality this month.  He is doing this precious thing where he’ll giggle and smile a huge, open mouth smile, and then bury his face in the chest of whoever is holding him.  It just KILLS ME!!!  Throughout the month he has gone from occasionally laughing when he is tickled (oh yeah, did I mention he’s ticklish now?) to giggling when you talk to him or make silly sounds.  Then there are the other times when he laughs and laughs while staring at the front door or the toys dangling above his play mat and it makes a lot less sense.  Anyhow, I’m loving this whole new side of him.
  2. Finn also continues to exercise the range of his voice.  This has been one of the most lovely and hilarious experiences.  While I was pregnant, something that I often thought about was what Finn’s voice would sound like.  Although it’s still developing, hearing him make all kinds of sounds has been so wonderful.  Its one of those things that as I’m taking it in, I have this strange out-of-body experience in which I cannot believe that this is my life.  This is my little baby.  One week he’ll be making high pitched squeeks, and the next he’ll make low, raspy noises.  He loves the sound of his own voice too.  If we play a video of him making noise, he can’t contain his smile.  He also seems to really enjoy when we mimic him, although I’m trying to not go crazy here, because I’m one of those people who spends too much time reading and am afraid I’ll stunt his speech development.
  3. Finn continues to make progress with his motor skills.  Now he can reach for an object and most often grab it immediately, instead of feeling around.  Lately, he’s been gripping the side of his crib with one hand and the toys above him with the other, hanging on for dear life.  I’m not sure what he expects to happen, but Justin is convinced that it has something to do with what is about to happen in his diaper. 
  4. Chub.  Chub, chub, chub.  This guy has got it.  Although he wasn’t scheduled for a check up this month, Finn has outgrown his teeny diapers and is now in size 2 of the 3 offered.  His thighs are beautiful, sweet little never-ending rolls.
  5. He is also able to hold his weight on his legs.  This always brings a huge smile to his face.  This makes me a little happy and sad because I can’t believe that someday he’ll walk and he won’t be tiny and helpless and immobile anymore and his little legs will carry him on their own.
  6. Sleeping this past month has been an adventure, to say the least.  I was warned (thankfully) not to get used to any one good or bad thing that your baby does because chances are they won’t do it anymore next week.  We had these really incredible weeks of 12 hours of wonderful, peaceful sleep (still feeding him a couple of times, but!) and a much needed multi-hour noontime nap.  Then we had a week of tears, screaming, chaos, and sleep deprivation (these coming from all involved parties) in which I freaked out and started nursing Finn to sleep every night and feeling sort of bad about that (you know, my usual “I’m not doing this perfectly” guilt) and now he’s back on track and much happier during the day.  We’re on a loose schedule of sleeping from 7:00pm to 6:00am, and although that’s a little early, we’re doing pretty well.
  7. New nicknames:  Pinno, Crumb and Baby Blue (what??).
  8. This guy is a world renowned drooler these days.  Gross, yes, but as his parent I am given license to be proud of this.  He is also pretty into chomping down on things which makes me think that teething is coming soon even though I’ve never been through teething and really have no idea what that means.

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  1. I love you Mr. Finnegan


  2. Mr. Finnegan loves Mimzy back.


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