1. Just about day one of month two, Finny decided that he was going to smile all over the place. He will smile when encouraged, but a few weeks into the month he started to really smile on his own.  Some days I’ll go to pick him up and his eyes will light up and he’ll greet me with a huge, open mouth grin when he sees me.  I die.
  2. His voice has been realized.  With more distinct cries cropping up, he is also babbling on a bit more like I’m used to hearing from babies.  At first he was most talkative when alone in his crib playing with his beads, but now we can talk back and forth a bit.  Our conversations are a lot of him blabbing on and a lot of me saying “mamamamamamama” forever.
  3. In a combination of parts 1 & 2, little mister decided to give us a couple of laughs over the past few days!  These require lots and lots of begging on his Papa’s part (he refuses to laugh for me!).  There are lots of precious little snorty sounds involved.
  4. Finn can hold his head up no problem.  After a couple of minutes he gets tired and it starts to droop, but he can be reclined quite a bit and still get his head upright.
  5. He continues to keep his hands mostly in fists, but is grabbing things more and more all of the time.  I can get him to clutch a toy for a couple of minutes now, but he is mostly interested in holding on to his blankie or Mama or Papa’s clothes.
  6. Speaking of fists, he loves to slobber all over those things!  He’s drooling a ton and loves to slather it all over his face with his hands.  I think it’s safe to say that I’m officially a part of parent-dom when I find this to be completely adorable.
  7. The other day Finn was chillin’ in a Boppy on his stomach when I decided to try out propping him up on his forearms.  Best decision ever.  This quickly prompted a huge smile by a proud little boy.  He is able to hold himself up for minutes at a time!
  8. Nicknames:  Finny, Finno, Finnokins, Kins, Finn-bot.
  9. This boy skipped newborn-sized clothing all together and has now officially outgrown everything 0-3 months.  His belly and length are where things get snug, but he must have short legs because even newborn pants are miles too long.
  10. About a week ago I thought I might try to implement a bedtime, and it took exactly zero training.  I literally put him in his crib at 10pm, he might fuss once or twice, and he is officially out for the night.  He typically gets fed once between then and 7am or 8am and often sleeps though that as well.  Seriously life changing stuff.


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    1. Megan this is so sweet! It warms my heart to see you with your precious not so little Finn, and to see you experience all the wonders of motherhood. We love you.


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